Genre – Font

A2 Final Final.jpg

Over the past four months, I have been working on creating my own font. I have chosen to create my font as a 3D font, although the outcome does not seem massively 3D. As well as my font being 3D, I also wanted my font to visualise 26 different genres of music through shape and colour. Which means that each letter of my font is a different genre of music. When creating my font I had the idea of half of the letter having a piece cut out of it, where the genre would be visualised. Although I have visualised 26 different genres in this font, I do not expect anyone to guess or know which genre belongs to each letter. It is truly based on my visualisation of each genre.

When visualising the genre’s I wanted to make sure the colours were not the same as another letter, which became quite difficult as I felt like I was running out of colours in a way. I have enjoyed creating my font, although I would of liked to have more time on it.


Animal Farm Book Cover Redesign

Over the past few months, I have been working on a project where I had to redesign the book cover for Animal Farm by George Orwell. When first getting my book, I had never heard of it. So before i could get into redesigning the cover for my project, I had to read the book. I am not a reader, so this came as a shock to me but luckily the book is not long.

After researching and experimenting with different outcomes for my cover, I decided to give my book a new look as the previous covers were mainly red. I wanted my cover to be in a glitch art style, not just because glitch art interests me but because I felt they was a connection between the corruption of the pigs mind in the book.

This is my final outcome for the redesign of the cover. I have applied my cover as well as endpapers and typeset pages to a book mock up. I am pleased with my outcome as I have not yet designed a book cover until now, it took me a while to get the right outcome but it was worth it in the end.